Since childhood, my passion has always been interesting and unique interior design. When I was 12, I redesigned my room for the first time, built columns and had a glazier make a custom-made mirror for me.

Markus Altvater,

When I was 16, I discovered an Art Déco table lamp at the auctioneer’s where I was working, for which I immediately spent the money that I had just earned. Just as all my savings from holiday jobs or gifts would go into the completion of my room furnishings.

This passion has grown over the years. By travelling. By multiple redesigns of my own home. But also by supporting friends with the planning, renovation and equipment of their homes and workplaces. To be honest, I have never been able to pass a window display with a fancy lamp, a magical color or a beautiful piece of furniture. I book hotels not only by location or price, but also by whether I like its design, the rooms and furnishings in the lobby or the spa. I mentally redesign many of the rooms I visit.

After many years as a project manager in various industries, I decided to finally make my passion my profession. I studied interior design in London and took the plunge into self-employment, and THE INNER HOUSE was born. Since then I have been advising and accompanying my clients on one of the best tasks I can imagine: To make their living and work environments more beautiful and more functional. And of course my clients also benefit from my experience in project management and commercial expertise.

By the way, I owe the company name to an illustrious group of friends who accompanied me on this journey. We conducted a professional branding workshop lasting several hours, which brought out the name THE INNER HOUSE. It’s all about interior design. At the same time, it also says: “No matter the project, it’s about a personal place that expresses visually what can be found inside.”